Join our live webinar on non-GMO and Gluten-Free Certification and the role of analytical testing.


December 13, 2017


January 1, 0001

This webinar (45-minute presentation/15-minute Q&A) will provide an overview of available non-GMO and gluten-free certification schemes, analytical testing and the key principles of effective gluten and non-GMO risk management.


Gluten has attracted great attention, mainly attributed to the increasing number of diagnosed patients with intolerance to this protein fraction, the development of detection methods with improved sensitivity and the increasing awareness of the existence of Celiac disease. This is an autoimmune enteropathy triggered by gluten ingestion for which a gluten-free diet is currently the sole treatment. 

Gluten-free certification schemes have been designed to protect consumers suffering from gluten-related disorders by confirming that a food, drink or supplement meets recognized gluten-free safety standards, therefore providing an independent verification of the manufacturer’s gluten-free claims.

From the farm to the point of sale, non-GMO testing and certification offers reassurance to consumers that products and processes are segregated from those involving GMOs.The SGS Non-GMO Supply Chain Standard is designed to assist those organizations, irrespective of their type or size, that supply non-genetically modified products. It offers independent third party certification of the quality management of the supply chain of the non-GMO product – from the seed and growing process through harvest, transportation, collection, storing and processing until the product reaches the market. The scope can include the entire supply chain or parts of it. The control of parallel production, product traceability and an effective product recall process are critical points of the program. Certification also includes verification of compliance to legal requirements related to labeling and the traceability of GMO’s.


  • Consumer choice of gluten-free products and the role of gluten-free certification
  • Consumer choice of non-GMO products and the role of non-GMO Certification
  • Analytical testing
  • Conclusions
  • Q&A


Dr Evangelia Komitopoulou – SGS Global Customized Solutions Manager, Food Safety & Quality
Charon Willis – SGS Global Food Testing Business Development Manager 
Chris Ranschaert – SGS Global Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) Manager

Target Audience

This webinar will be most of interest to companies, professionals and others interested in obtaining an overview of the currently available gluten-free and non-GMO certification schemes and an overview of the relevant analytical methodologies.


Thursday, December 14, 2018

10:00 am Eastern Standard Time (New York, GMT-05:00) 
3:00 pm GMT Time (London, GMT) 
4:00 pm Europe Time (Paris, GMT+01:00) 
7:00 am Pacific Standard Time (San Francisco, GMT-08:00) 

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