Meet our representatives at Booth C6 to learn more about our services.


October 12, 2017


October 13, 2017


Brussels, Belgium

SGS will be at the 57th annual European Commodities Exchange (ECE), in Brussels, Belgium. Meet our representatives at Booth C6 and learn about our full range of services.

Our experts can help you control and analyze your products, ensuring they meet the quality, safety and compliance requirements demanded by global markets.

SGS is pleased to again announce its sponsorship of the ECE conference. This event brings together over 3000 delegates, from 56 countries, making it the most important annual conference in the cereal, agrifood and feed commodities sector’s annual calendar.

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SGS Commodities Quality and Quantity Services

We offer extensive services to the commodities industry, including prevention of insect related damage, safe storage monitoring, logistics support and primary processing activities. All our services ensure value is retained and even added to where possible. Talk to our representatives on Booth C6 at ECE to learn about our analytical, inspection, fumigation, risk management, audit and certification, and market research services.

SGS is a GAFTA and FOSFA superintendent and analyst member.

Event location: Avenue du Port 86C, 1000 Brussels, Belgium