Improve the sourcing and development of toys products. Join our live webinar to learn about the EU's chemical requirements for toys.


September 27, 2017


September 27, 2017



The objective of this webinar (45-minute presentation/15-minute Q&A) is to facilitate the compliance journey for chemical safety in toys for the EU market.

The webinar addresses the following main topics:

  • Chemical safety in the Toy Safety Directive, including latest developments
  • Other applicable pieces of legislation relating to chemical safety in toys


  • Importance of chemical safety and developments in the European Toy Safety Directive
  • Harmonized standards for presumption of conformity
  • Chemical developments in other applicable pieces of legislation related to toy safety, such as REACH, CLP, food contact, POPs etc and their impact on toys
  • Q&A


Chemical safety is of paramount importance in modern-day toy safety for every child and parent. Since the publication of the Toy Safety Directive (TSD) in 2011, the evolution of scientific data, regulatory and standard requirements, consumer expectations and technological advancements has had an effect on toy manufacturers. These developments cause toy producers to look into new dimensions and horizons by exploring new means of compliance, brand protection and sustainability. 


Hing Wo Tsang - Global Information and Innovation Manager, Hardlines

Hing Wo joined SGS in 2003 as a Senior Laboratory Executive. Since joining the global platform in 2013, Hing Wo has been supporting a range of initiatives, from product compliance to regional projects. He is a member of SGS’s food contact committee and the chemical sub-group for toy safety. Prior to joining SGS, Hing Wo graduated with a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry and worked on anti-HIV and anti-infective agents.

Target Audience

This webinar is aimed at:

  • Technologists and compliance personnel for chemical safety in toys for the EU market
  • Importers, retailers and other economic operators that need to comply with the TSD 
  • Suppliers, professionals and others who wish to be educated on the topic

Language: English
Cost: No Charge

For more information, please contact:

Stephanie Pionchon
Global Marketing Manager
t: +33 4 42 61 64 46