Join our experts at the Surface and Thin-Film Analytics Workshop on March 23 to explore the opportunities and possibilities that cutting-edge analytical methods open up for you.


March 22, 2017


March 22, 2017


Dresden, Germany

Interfacial and surface phenomena and the characteristics of thin films affect the quality of many products.

At the Surface and Thin-Film Analytics Workshop at the end of March in Dresden, specialists from SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS will present an overview of the opportunities and possibilities that cutting-edge analytical methods open up for you.

Whether your company works in the semiconductor industry, electronics manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, mechanical engineering, construction, medical technology, aerospace, or the packaging industry, if you work with systems such as multilayer stacks, or if you want to inspect the technical component cleanliness, surface and material characteristics, or to inspect the structure of a coating, this conference will provide you with useful knowledge.

Conference attendees will hear interesting talks on the possibilities of surface analytics and the analysis of film-forming surface contaminants. We will also present cutting-edge methods in analytical techniques and applications in different specialist fields. Our focus will be on FTIR, ToF-SIMS, XPS, and AES, with additional specialist talks complementing the program.

Attendance is free. We will provide food and drinks.

Please note that the conference proceedings will be in German.

If you are interested in attending, please book your place by March 15, 2017, so that we can put you on the guest list.

The conference will take place at:
Saal Riemerschmid (Haus D) in Gebäude-Ensemble Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau
Moritzburger Weg 67, 01109 Dresden

After the talks, you will have the opportunity to visit our laboratories in Königsbrücker Landstrasse 161, Dresden, and to gain a practical overview of the capabilities of SGS Institut Fresenius in the field of surface and thin-film analytics.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. André Möller
Consumer and Retail
Product Manager Microelectronics
t: +49 351 8841 - 155