Extended Quality & Sourcing Solution (EQSS)

An online, cloud-based system to help retailers overcome potential stoppages, improve quality, time to market, efficiency and profitability.

SGS brings together improved data flow and quality assurance (QA) at all stages of the retail supply chain – from raw material to retailer.  

Our Extended Quality and Sourcing Solution (EQSS) is an online, cloud-based system, enabling you to overcome potential stoppages, improve quality and time to market, and increase efficiency and profitability.

Why choose EQSS from SGS?

EQSS helps you to:

  • Produce products to the correct specifications
  • Ensure compliance with regulations for products and packaging
  • Manufacture to the expected quality levels
  • Reduce reliance on final inspections  
  • Enhance the supply chain with in-line production controls, allowing you to protect brands and mitigate against supply chain delays and recalls

Why SGS?

We provide the world’s most comprehensive range of integrated inspection, testing, certification and advisory services, powered by the latest technology and digital tools. Our global network of digital innovation centers helps you to understand and apply the latest trends in cybersecurity, Internet of Things and eCommerce.

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