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SGS provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for a wide range of industries.

A range of industry-specific cybersecurity solutions from SGS.

Cybersecurity security standards, regulations and certification schemes vary from industry to industry. In general, cybersecurity methodologies and best practices are nonspecific and can be applied across all industries. However, the risk exposure of use cases, the technologies considered, and the effort spent to develop and maintain secure solutions can vary from case to case. As a result, the depth of analysis required to assess the quality of the security implementation can vary significantly.  

From semiconductors, medical devices and consumer Internet of Things (IoT) to the industrial and automotive sectors, we provide independent solutions to help you assess your cybersecurity measures.

Why SGS?

Our state-of-the-art proprietary IoT solutions and extensive experience provide you with the next generation of impartial trusted, verification and certification solutions.

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