Home Improvement and DIY

Deliver functional, quality and compliant home improvement and DIY products.

Consumers want to buy well-designed, functional, durable and safe products. At SGS, our experts help manufacturers, retailers and buyers to deliver those products and do it well, at every step of the supply chain. We can check a product’s compliance against national and international standards (EN, ASTM, ISO, JIS, GB) as well as your own specifications, or following our performance protocols.

Our home improvement and DIY services cover most of product categories, from the home to the garden:

Hand tools, garden tools and accessories Aerators, chisels, clamps, cultivators, cutting tools, forks, gardening gloves, hoes, hoses, rakes, trowels & scoops, hammers, hand saws, hatchets, hexagon socket screw keys, jacks, lawn care, levels, loppers, masonry tools, measuring tapes, nail-puller, paint brushes, paint rollers, pick & mattocks, pliers, pruner shears, prybars, rasps, ratchet keys, riveting tools, rulers, screwdrivers, shears (hedge, grass and pruner), shovels, spanners, tree pruners, vices, watering cans, wheelbarrows, and wrenches
Hardware Bolts, dowels, fixings and fasteners, hinges, locks – cycle, door, and pad, nails, railings, screws, and window and door hardware
Power tools and accessories Abrasive and cutting discs, drill bits, flap discs, hole saws, jigsaw blades, sabre saw blades, screwdriver bits, and sockets
Formulated Products Adhesives, coatings, fillers, paints, varnishes and sealant
Plumbing Items Bath tubs, bathroom accessories, bidets, flexible water connectors, inlet and plumbing ball valves, shower enclosures, shower – heads, hoses, and trays, sinks and taps (mechanical mixer, single or double, thermostatic mixer), tap aerators, toilets, toilet seats, wash basins, washing troughs, waste fittings, water closets and whirlpool baths
Floor coverings Laminate floors, luxury vinyl tiles, resilient floor coverings, ceramic tiles, decking
Ladders Step ladders and stools, mobile ladders with platform, multiple hinge-joint ladders, portable and telescopic ladders, domestic scaffolding, loft ladders
Building materials Wood, blinds, fiberglass tape, glass, lumber panels, metal brackets, wall coverings, and more: work benches toolboxes, storage boxes, trolleys, etc.

Our Home Improvement & DIY services

We will work with you from initial design concept through production and into stores. Our services include:

  • Product development – benchmarking, qualification testing, consumer panels – get insight into consumer opinion, product positioning, etc.
  • Product testing –safety, physical, performance, durability, flammability, chemicals, finishing, accelerated weathering, packaging, etc.
  • Consultancy and training – expert assistance every step of the way
  • Factory and social audits – ensure effective supply chain management
  • Inspection and production control – production and packaging monitoring and quality control
  • Document check –get the “Passport” for your product in order to enter to the market
  • Sustainability services – forest product chain-of-custody and Cradle to Cradle certification, eco-friendly product development support, environmental audits

When developing or sourcing a new product, employing our expertise to test it prior to launch could reduce your development cost, anticipate the satisfaction of your customers, facilitate your logistic supply chain and protect your brand reputation.

Why choose SGS?

Our experts are on hand to provide the support you need, devise a tailored program of testing and ensure your products meet applicable standards. Accredited to COFRAC and CNAS, we have 20 years experience in developing testing protocols for the Home improvement & DIY industry on three continents.

In the event of problems of liability after manufacture, testing your product according to recognized standards or to our protocols can help you to demonstrate that you took all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the product.

Contact SGS today to enjoy a partnership with the world's leading testing, inspection and certification company.

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