Customer Dalian Jiaming Food Co., Ltd.
No. 8, Section 2, Jianshe Street, Zhuanghe City, Dalian,
Liaoning Province 116400,
P. R. China
Start Date 10/10/19
End Date 10/09/20
Invoice Payment Date 09/23/19
Certification Scope

Fish, Fishery and Seafood Products (21 CFR part 123); Preventive Controls for Human Food (21 CFR part 117)

Production of frozen raw fish fillets (pollock, cod, yellow fin sole, rock sole, flathead sole, south blue whiting, haddock, hoki, halibut, chum salmon, pink salmon), packed in 10lb/15lb/25lb/30lb/40lb/45lb/49.5lb/66lb/5kg/10kg/20kg PE film (or wax carepack liners) in carton, and in 1lb/2lb 3lb/5lb/250g/500g/1000g PE bag (or PA/PE compound bag) in carton. Pollock 16 A V D 28/16 A G D 28, Cod 16 A V D 12/16 A G D 12, Yellow fin sole/rock sole/flathead sole 16 A V D 77/16 A G D 77, South blue whiting 16 A V D 49/16 A G D 49, Haddock 16 A V D 18/16 A G D 18, Hoki 16 A G D 49, Halibut 16 A V D 20/16 A G D 20, Chum salmon/ pink salmon 16 A V D 32/16 A G D 32

Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Accredited Third Party Certification Program (TPP)

This certification scheme covers the FDA’s official accredited third-party certification (TPP) of foreign suppliers, which demonstrates compliance with the applicable US FDA food safety regulations. It also helps importers and their suppliers comply with the requirements of the Voluntary Qualified Importer Program (VQIP), which offers expedited review and entry of food into the US.