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Are you ready to comply with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)?

The most sweeping reform of US food safety laws in 70 years, FSMA shifts the industry’s focus away from responding to contamination events to preventing them. Such a step-change requires the updating and alignment of policies, processes and their implementation, to meet the FDA’s seven foundational rules for FSMA compliance.

SGS offers audit, testing, supplier verification, training, and technical services to help you comply with FSMA.

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FSMA applies to:

  • Covered facilities that manufacture, process, pack or hold food for humans or animals
  • Produce farmers
  • US importers, shippers, receivers, loaders and carriers who import food to the US

If your operation falls within this scope, it must comply with all applicable elements of the regulation.

FSMA offers exemptions for specific products and certain qualified premises. We can advise if your operation falls within scope or may benefit from an exemption.

Importing to the US?

The Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVP) for Importers of Food for Humans and Animals require importers to verify that the goods they import meet US safety standards, using risk based assessments. The outcome of a supplier risk assessment will decide whether a further onsite audit is required for verification, or testing and other activities are applicable.

Once the accredited FSMA certification scheme becomes available, US importers will also be able to ask their foreign suppliers to obtain accredited FSMA certification.

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