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An Enhanced Approach to Quantitative Mineralogical Analysis


SGS’s Tescan Integrated Mineral Analyzer (TIMA-X) is one of the newest and most versatile automated mineralogy systems. It provides rapid quantitative analysis of samples, including:

  • Ores
  • Concentrates
  • Rocks
  • Tailings
  • Leach Residues

TIMA-X technology, along with the added value of SGS interpretation, will enhance your detailed mineralogical data, helping to inform your strategic decisions and providing you with a competitive advantage.

How It Works

The TIMA-X system introduces a number of novel approaches to the search for minerals of interest, including gold, silver, platinum and rare earths. It uses both Energy Dispersive X-Ray (EDX) and backscattered electron (BSE) signals to identify minerals and compare them to entries in a mineral library. The latest software allows for the determination of mineral concentrations, elemental distributions and mineral textural properties. The system has four X-ray analysis scanning modes to identify minerals and compounds, which can be further optimized for different analysis types including:

  • High resolution mapping (THRM)
  • Point spectrometry (TPS)
  • Line mapping (TLM)
  • Dot mapping (TDM)


  • Superior imaging
  • Better detection limits
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Flexible reporting

Key Features

  • Comprehensive offline mineral reclassification, investigation, image processing, reporting and interpretation functions
  • Greater flexibility in reporting, through the use of extensive query language for analysis and modeling of mineral particle behavior
  • Extremely fast system, with up to four fully integrated EDS detectors
  • Superior resolution of the field emission gun (FEG) electron source
  • Silicon nitride (Si3N4) detector window, optimized for light element analysis
  • Fully integrated real time quantitative EDX analysis of measured X-ray spectra
  • Proprietary spectral segmentation provides superior quantitative data for analyzed minerals
  • Analysis optimization of variable size mineral particles, using seamless data stitching and hybrid analytical modes, for fast and detailed data acquisition

Plant Support Mineralogy

TIMA-X technology can be used as a production improvement tool for metallurgists at mines and plants. With SGS plant support mineralogy, it can be used to assess and troubleshoot mineral and metal recovery and provide solutions to improve the flowsheet. Our team of process mineralogists and metallurgists can help drive metallurgical results in real time and optimize operating conditions.

Gold Characterization

Gold recovery is one of the most complex tasks in mineral processing. TIMA-X can determine and quantify the microscopic chemical forms of gold in exploration and metallurgical samples, concentrates, tailings, residues and slags. TIMA-X and SGS can provide solutions to help you better understand gold recovery and prevent and minimize gold losses.

Why SGS?

We have been providing the mining industry worldwide with trusted, cutting-edge automated mineralogy solutions for decades. Our highly qualified team of mineralogical experts will add value to your project at every stage.

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