Improve the safety of building operations

Our Market Solutions feature services we provide at scale across multiple geographical regions, unlocking unique value for your business operations. Our global network of experts and laboratories provide additional services, enabling you to follow international and local market trends while complying with regulatory obligations.



Risk & Safety Related Services

Fire Risk Assessments

Our network of local experts perform an on-site inspection of your buildings to evaluate potential fire risks, enabling you to:

  • Reduce insurance fees
  • Validate risks on global level
  • Ensure compliance with local regulations

Technical Building Inspections

Our technical experts perform inspections on lifts, electrical systems, HVAC systems, building envelope in many countries around the world. We enable you to:

  • Validate risks on a global level
  • Ensure compliance with local regulations
  • Centralize inspection of suppliers

Building Contaminants Services

We assess the risk level of your building portfolio to identify asbestos, chromium, ceramic fibers, mold, legionella, lead, silica or other emerging built contaminants. Our services enable you to:

  • Validate contamination risks on a global level
  • Maintain the asset value of your building portfolio
  • Comply with increasing local regulations

Structural Integrity of Buildings

We provide inspections and non-destructive testing in many countries across the world to ensure the integrity of your concrete and steel constructions. This enable you to:

  • Ensure structural health of buildings
  • Reduce insurance fees
  • Maintain asset value
  • Increase building life

Independent Validation Services for Profitable Assets

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Inspections

We provide a full suite of services to consult, inspect and verify the charging stations at office spaces or at your workers‘ homes, enabling you to:

  • Prepare for your electric vehicle network roll-out
  • Promote your brand with e-vehicle support
  • Ensure efficient investment strategies and safe installation roll-out

Green Building Certification

We audit and certify new and existing buildings against local and global standards with a strong focus on portfolio certification. We enable you to:

  • Gain access to Green Finance
  • Communicate buildings’ sustainability and efficiency
  • Increase your ESG rating
  • Include building impacts in your journey towards a zero-carbon future

SGS Indoor Air Quality Mark

We award our Indoor Air Quality Mark by monitoring indoor air quality via our real-time sensors, enabling you to:

  • Promote your indoor air quality to customers, visitors, employees and building occupants
  • Allow for a proactive indoor air quality approach by real-time monitoring
  • Increase building automation and efficiencies

SGS Cleaning & Disinfection Monitored Mark

We award our Cleaning & Disinfection Monitored Mark by validating the efficacy of cleaning and disinfection processes on a regular basis with regular on-site surface testing. We enable you to:

  • Promote efficient cleaning and disinfection activities
  • Validate your efforts to increase building health related to hygiene
  • Prepare for future hygiene regulations


Our portfolio of EHS solutions is different in North America. For a detailed listing of EHS services, please visit