Solutions for the Fertilizer Industry

Chemical Fertilizer

SGS offers trustworthy and unbiased support for all aspects of your fertilizer operation.

Optimize your operation, gain a competitive advantage and reduce financial and operational risk. Our technical experts, backed up by a global network of state-of-the-art laboratories, offer an extensive range of services for the fertilizer industry.

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Laboratory Analysis

We provide accurate, cost effective analytical services for the fertilizer industry. Our analytical testing procedures, designed to meet your requirements, are performed in accordance with recognized international, regional and industry standards and methodologies, including the recommendations of the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA).

Our professionally staffed laboratories utilize the latest in instrumental methodology, as well as classical wet chemistry methods. We can provide qualitative and quantitative analysis, major and trace elemental analysis and physical analysis – all under the strictest quality guidelines.

Proficiency Testing

As an ISO 17043 accredited provider, SGS performs proficiency testing to ensure that your laboratory’s test results are accurate and meet the ever increasing demands of quality management systems developed by national, international and industry standards organizations.

We offer a range of fertilizer proficiency testing programs (PTPs) to confirm the technical validity of your lab’s results. These include programs for phosphate, nitrogen, potassium/potash and rock phosphate.

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Draft Survey Tool

The Draft Survey Tool (DST) and DST Lite, both SGS inventions, use the latest technology to help address the need for accuracy in cargo weight. They record data digitally and save draft readings to the cloud (DST) or an app (DST lite).

Both tools use an algorithm that enables an accuracy rate to within 2mm in 30m. Regardless of the amount of space available on a vessel or barge to take a reading, you can use one of these tools to determine cargo weight and manage the cost of your fertilizer shipment.

Trade and Commercial Services

In addition to our analytical laboratory services, we offer fertilizer-related services for the trade and commercial sector, including:

  • Vessel cleanliness inspections
  • Hatch cover inspections
  • Weight verification
  • Supervision of loading
  • Representative sampling
  • Manual and mechanical sampling systems
  • Cargo inspections
  • Damage surveys
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