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Improve guest experience and brand reputation with HX from SGS – a comprehensive property management audit solution for the hospitality industry.

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The travel and hospitality industry is facing a variety of potential risks, including environmental, social and economic. These increasing pressures on safety and experience are raising the bar for guest expectations. In a hotel, taking care of your guests doesn’t only mean giving them quality service, but also ensuring that their safety and well-being is prioritized. Any issues with the management of confidential customer information, food, water, air contamination or infrastructure can negatively affect your company and operations.

Defining risk management for the hospitality industry

Effective risk management in the hospitality industry, not only benefits guests, but can improve employee engagement and ultimately increase brand value and reputation.

Hospitality risks can be categorized into three groups:

  • Operational risk: day-to-day operational risks that can occur
  • Project risk: risks associated with new property developments, renovations and expansions
  • Strategic risk: business continuity and financial risks associated with new opportunities

The modern hotelier must ensure that all three of these categories have been addressed and must be able to prove so to potential guests.

What is SGS HX?

In today’s world, a guest can magnify a less-than-perfect experience on social media with a single mobile device. Online reviews have increased the demand for experience excellence and commitment. Therefore, it is more important than ever to ensure that your hotel is doing all that it can to achieve the highest level of satisfaction. 

HX has been designed specifically for the hospitality industry to meet a variety of needs and provide solutions to many of the issues you face today. This comprehensive program consists of four separate modules, each focusing on a specific area of concern, including risk, sustainability, corporate social responsibility and quality of service experience.

Our HX program offers three levels of certification, dependant on your hotel’s ability to meet the requirements of each module. These milestones will showcase your commitment to your guests and can be displayed on your property, website and social media:

 HX Marks

  • HX Platinum logo: requires a score of 95+
  • HX Gold logo: requires a score of 85 to 94
  • HX Silver: requires a score of 65 to 84

Benefits of HX

HX Benefits

Is HX for you?

Whether you represent a hotel, tour operator or one of the many other companies within the tourism sector, the interactions you have with leisure, business or millennium travellers must reinforce the message of excellence in performance, standards and quality.

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