Insourcing Solutions

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Scientific staffing solutions to support the Health Science industry.

As organizations change constantly, there is an increasing need to adopt agile, scalable resourcing models. This is especially relevant to the Health Science industry.

Choosing a global supplier who can support operations through the provision of appropriately skilled resources, within regulated environments allows your organisation to remain agile, while avoiding fixed costs and long-term liabilities.

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Delivery Models

At SGS, we offer a range of delivery models to provide you with the appropriate resources for your project or scientific requirements:

  • Fee-for-Service: Testing activities carried out at SGS facilities on behalf of the client as per a pricing schedule which we provide for a scope of work
  • Outsourced FTEs: Dedicated technical staff working exclusively on client activities within SGS facilities
  • Scientific Recruitment: Permanent recruitment, executive search, retained search, contract recruitment, local and international payroll solutions
  • Insourcing Solutions: An insourcing approach where SGS staff work for our clients in their facilities

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Insourcing Solutions

Insourcing is the practice of taking tasks that would have otherwise been outsourced back in-house in order to alleviate costs and to monitor these tasks more effectively.

SGS Health Science offer a flexible insourcing business model that helps companies to focus on core competencies, improving their overall performance, as well as helping to contain costs by leveraging external management, quality, capability and capacity.

We are experts in providing technical, quality professionals and support staff for deployment in GXP, ISO environments within R&D and commercialisation, manufacturing functions of biologics, pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Key Elements

  • Assignments from six months to permanent
  • Minimum two FTEs
  • Global resourcing, general induction, contract and payroll infrastructure
  • Project management and governance
  • Technical oversight

Core Disciplines

  • Sample/reference standard management
  • Microbiology Quality Control (QC)
  • Chemistry QC
  • Biochemistry QC
  • Method development and validation
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Manufacturing support
  • Stability programme management
  • Regulatory administration and project management

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Drivers for Insourcing

  • Risk mitigation
  • Aligning resources to support pre-approval phase activities
  • Co-employment liability
  • Transition from fixed to variable costs
  • Transitional activities
  • Facilities build and qualification
  • Process validation
  • Method establishment
  • Clinical trials and transient technical projects
  • Fixed headcount avoidance
  • Downsizing
  • Access to capabilities or capacities mid-term
  • Mitigate overhead and administrative burden
  • Regulatory and legislative compliance

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Why choose SGS?

  • Global proactive approach and candidate pooling
  • Extensive profile database
  • Technical recruiting
  • Project management, induction and training facilities
  • Technical gap analysis and training initiatives
  • SLA, performance oversight and governance
  • Regular SME engagement and market insight
  • The only GXP/ISO service provider with global resource solutions infrastructure
  • Unique platform for expedited talent pooling, identification and onboarding
  • Governance and continuous improvement
  • Off-site SME, technical and regulatory support
  • Global employment legislation compliance

Insourcing Solutions

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