Industry & Buildings

Humans spend around 80% of their time indoors. Industrialization has driven significant innovation and brought tremendous benefits to our health and wellbeing. Even though it may not be directly apparent, biosciences play an important role here.

Industry & Buildings

Molecular Techniques

Within industry and around buildings, microbes are often associated with risks to health, asset integrity and operational efficiency. We provide essential services in biodeterioration, microbial influenced corrosion and biofouling.

Healthy Cities & Buildings

Pests and pathogens can often be effectively monitored via various molecular techniques. For example:

  • Rapid and onsite Legionella and COVID testing, enabling hotels and offices to re-open safely and more quickly by verifying mitigative action faster
  • Molecular DNA-based techniques for detecting the smallest traces of pests such as rodents, insects and fungi
  • Environmental DNA for monitoring biodiversity, which is critical for a healthy community
  • Microbial Risk Assessment Services (MiRAS) to enable oil and gas asset integrity and other industries, where (fouled) water are used

Wastewater Assessments

While water used in systems may house microbes and pose a threat to an asset, disposal of that water may impact the environment. We develop and deploy techniques that help assess the impact of industry to the environment. We assist in optimizing wastewater treatment, as microbes provide an effective means to neutralize waste streams. Effectively monitoring the active microbial consortia is vital to optimize these processes using DNA-based techniques coupled with field-based equipment.

We also help you use wastewater as a valuable data source, providing a range of metrics from the upstream system. For instance, in epidemiology, monitoring of virus particles in sewage streams may be used to detect disease outbreaks early. This technique has been utilized for several years, but recently has seen increased uptake due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The SGS Global Biosciences Center supports the SGS network in developing and validating a variety of similar drinking-, waste- and process-water analyses services.

A Wide Range of Services

Our services include:

  • Biodiversity monitoring within cities and integration with ecosystem services
  • Pest and building health monitoring
  • Wastewater monitoring and process optimization
  • Microbial corrosion and biodeterioration
  • Independent verification of industrial biotechnology processes