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Next Generation Performance Testing

Consumers want durable and performant products. Manufacturers, brands and retailers can only succeed in today’s competitive markets if consumers trust the products they buy will match or exceed performance and durability claims.

SGS Performance Factory (PROF) represents the next generation in performance and durability testing, combining real human dynamics and cutting-edge robotics to create a single highly versatile testing platform.

In the end, products are only trusted because they are tested.

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What is PROF?

PROF is the innovative new way to test consumer product durability and performance. Incorporating highly adaptable robotics with layers of advanced algorithms and high-level analytics, it allows our experts to precisely replicate real human behavior while accurately measuring its impact on a comprehensive range of consumer products.

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Real Human Dynamics

Performance testing has traditionally relied on benches that mechanically approximate human behavior. PROF is different because its high-precision sensors record and analyze real human movement and then accurately replicate them using a highly adaptable robot, to an accuracy of displacement of 0.02 mm.

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True Consumer Use Test

Everyone is different and the way we use consumer products differs depending on our gender, size, shape, location, and even whether we are left- or right-handed. PROF can analyze the human dynamics of a varied cohort of users and then, using advanced algorithms, create a virtual user without the predispositions of the individual. The virtual user can be a composite of whatever market characteristics the manufacturer, brand or retailer needs to test against. No matter how broad or narrow the target market, PROF generates a virtual user that represents real consumers in the marketplace.

A key advantage of PROF is that it can replicate the same motion multiple times without fatigue. This allows the platform to accurately measure the way the product responds to use over time, giving the manufacturer or supplier a clear understanding of degeneration.

PROF platform delivers results that reflect real life use. It allows manufacturers, brands and retailers to accurately benchmark their product against competitors, while gaining high level insights that can be used to develop the next generation of product.

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What Are the Benefits?

  • Fast turnaround times
  • Cost-effective testing solution
  • Greater accuracy in testing
  • Scalable, repeatable and reproduceable testing protocols
  • Accurately replicates real human behavior
  • Consistent, impartial results

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