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Reduce risks and manage greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions when building your supply chain and procuring from other countries.

Procuring products and services from other countries can enable you to optimize your costs and improve competitiveness. However, sourcing from overseas can bring challenges such as:

  • Quality issues
  • Supplier compliance and legislative assurance
  • Communication and cultural challenges
  • Project delivery schedules
  • Health, safety and environment (HSE) and ethical issues
  • Fabrication quality and visibility
  • Traceability and quality of raw materials
  • Compliance of products with destination market, legal and final customer requirements

Our global reach and localized expertise enable us to provide a wide range of procurement services to ensure you identify suitable suppliers and eliminate risks.

We can also help you on your pathway to decarbonization by measuring and managing supply chain emissions that fall into Scope 3 of the GHG Protocol.

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SGS Procurement Services

Our procurement services include:

  • Identification of potential suppliers
  • Project planning and set-up support
  • Supplier portfolio management
  • Factory audits for manufacturer qualification
  • Purchase order management
  • Quality control inspections
  • Progress monitoring and expediting
  • Compliance and certification
  • Shipment confirmation
  • Supply chain track-and-trace
  • Data collection and processing
  • Remote/digital presence enablement for customer teams


We enable you to:

  • Build and manage a reliable supply chain
  • Reduce procurement risks
  • Reduce cost
  • Ensure quality and compliance
  • Improve efficiency

Decarbonizing Supply Chains

Move away from industry averages, proxy data and other generic data to account for Scope 3 emissions with robust, complete and on-site vetted data. Bespoke suppliers’ questionnaires can include quantitative data and qualitative information to help reporting on supply-chain emissions with confidence. On-site SGS experts complete the questionnaire with site representatives and validate answers against evidence. Our experts offer support and guidance on completing the questionnaire and a streamlined validation process to confirm that the data and information supplied is accurate and correct.


We enable you to:

  • Access on-site experts to collect and/or validate GHG Data
  • Gain trusted data for your value chain assessment
  • Utilize actionable data to influence and support suppliers in reducing GHG emissions

Why choose SGS?

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, testing and certification company. We are recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity and offer unrivalled expertise in worldwide procurement.

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