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Innovation is part of our #DataDrivenCompany focus area.

Innovation is about creating new value – for customers, for society and for SGS. Invention, creativity and technology are part of the story, but the real challenge in innovation lies in combining these things in order to bring a new product or service to market.

SGS Ideation Challenge

What is MOONSHOT all about?

The “moonshot” philosophy derives from President Kennedy's famous remarks about the ambitious attempt to put a man on the moon. In the context of SGS, moonshot thinking is about ambitious ideas that achieve results and convert to business.

The importance of Innovation Services in 3 steps



Our Innovation Lab works with each of our division leadership teams to jointly define and innovation strategy. Together we produce a document called the Innovation Thesis which defines each division’s investment strategy for innovation over the medium term.



Our Incubation Labs where new ideas get created, identified and refined. Taking guidance from the Innovation Thesis our designers and coaches spark new business ideas across SGS through Moonshot campaigns, venture-building and other activities.



In our Innovation Factory dedicated teams – Innovation Squads – execute low-cost experiments to prove which new ideas have the potential to be scaled into significant new business. They do so via a stage-gated process to ensure that innovation risk is minimized and that we only build products that future customers will want.

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