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Risk and Sustainability Challenges and Opportunities in the Travel & Hospitality Industry: A Complimentary Webinar Series

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Join our complimentary webinar series to learn more about the current risk and sustainability challenges and opportunities facing the Travel & Hospitality industry.

The travel and hospitality industry is faced with a variety of potential risks, including environmental, social and economic. Of the many challenges facing the travel and hospitality industry today, two hold the greatest potential impact on guest experience and profit; Risk and Sustainability. To help inform hospitality industry professionals, we have organized a complimentary webinar series to address these two issues and how they can impact your bottom line.

The HX Webinar Series

Meeting the Challenge:
Mitigating Risk in the Hospitality Sector
June 27, 2018 – 10:00am EST
Synopsis: Risk comes in many forms. The operational efficiency and reputation of a hotel can be threatened by something as headline-grabbing as a terrorist attack, or as seemingly mundane as a case of food poisoning. During this webinar, we will discuss the key drivers of risk and the main areas that are susceptible to threats. Additionally, we will present real-life case studies and discuss the financial and social impact of each.
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Moving Towards Sustainability:
Future-proofing in the Hospitality Sector
July 25, 2018 – 10:00am EST
Synopsis: Guests are increasingly looking for greener options when they travel. During this webinar, we explain how sustainability is no longer a luxury for high-end hotels, it is a necessity for business that are looking to future-proof. This session will not only highlight the financial impacts of energy efficiency, but the brand value and perception that is associated with the “green” movement.
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Peter Hvidberg – Global Business Manager for Travel and Hospitality, SGS – has successfully set up the global service offering to the Travel & Hospitality Industry within SGS by consolidating and customizing international standards that cover areas such as safety, security, service, sustainability and training, with regards to inspection, verification, testing, certification and consultancy. His contributions to the robust performance of SGS’s global strategic unit for travel and hospitality stems from his more than two decades of broad international experience within hotels, corporate travel industry, MICE and technology.

Robert Hines – Business Development Manager, SGS (in North America) – works with clients to help hospitality companies to improve their performance and brand. He understands that every hotel company is exposed to many kinds of risk that careful planning and management can help mitigate. By helping companies to identify these causes and solutions their customer experience can be enhanced their brand and improve their performance. With experience in all facets of hotel management and contract management services, Robert has worked for both Hilton and Marriott branded hotels as a General Manager. He began his career in housekeeping with Wyndham International after receiving his bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University’s hotel program in the Broad College of Business.

HX: Hospitality Experience – Property Assessment and Consulting Solutions

HX has been designed specifically for the hospitality industry to meet a variety of needs and provide solutions to many of the issues travel professionals face today. This comprehensive online program consists of four separate modules, each focusing on a specific area of concern, including risk management, sustainability, corporate social responsibility and quality of service experience.

Our HX webinar offers three levels of property assessment, dependent on your hotel’s ability to meet the requirements of each module. These milestones will showcase your commitment to your guests and can be displayed on your property, website and social media:

  • HX Platinum logo: requires a score of 95+
  • HX Gold logo: requires a score of 85 to 94
  • HX Silver: requires a score of 65 to 84

Learn more about the SGS HX program >