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Hotel and accommodation management requires a wide-ranging 360º approach . SGS’s Hospitality Excellence solution will provide you with micro-certificates that allow you to display your commitment to excellence in any of a number of selected topics. Meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and demonstrate your commitment to reducing risk and ensuring sustainability with SGS Hospitality Excellence certification.

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Our SafetyScan™ is designed to meet your building’s safety requirements and prevent injuries to employees and guests throughout your premises – atriums, children’s areas, bathrooms, balconies and balustrades, rooms connected to boilers and more.

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Your guests’ room is a cornerstone of their experience at your hotel. Housekeeping, hygiene and cleanliness form the basis of their experience and are unnegotiable. We help you ensure the highest standards for quality, hygiene, and comfort in the three Bs: Breakfast, Bed and Bathroom, so you can be sure your guests feel safe and satisfied.

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In the USA alone, an estimated 3,900 hotel and motel fires occur each year, resulting in USD 100 million in property damage, as well as numerous injuries and fatalities. From testing alarms and fire drills to ensuring the availability of emergency action plans, from smoke detectors to signaling or evacuation routes, we will ensure you are prepared for a fire and can keep your employees and guests safe.

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While a pool may be a luxury for guests, it still comes with risks, including drowning, injuries from impacts and issues with water hygiene. We can help minimize these risks so you guests can enjoy the pleasure of swimming without the worries.

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Health and safety regulators around the world now recognize that the risk of Legionnaires’ disease can be minimized with correct control procedures. It is therefore vital that every hotel have an active program in place to control the growth of Legionella bacteria and so ensure the safety of their employees, guests, other visitors and the hotel’s reputation. Our simple scan will help you maintain good hygiene standards, prevent Legionella outbreaks and ensure the safety of your drinking water, spas and other systems.

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In today’s world, maintaining the highest level of hygiene is critical. We provide comprehensive verification of all your public health and hygiene measures, from protocols to illness training to outbreak management.

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Ensuring the highest food safety standards is essential for ensuring the confidence of your guests. We provide a comprehensive scan of front and back of house, covering preparation to serving to cleaning.

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Is your hotel prepared to welcome any guest or employee under international standards for diversity and inclusion? The UNWTO is devoted to promoting responsible, sustainable, and universally accessible tourism in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and works to promote accessible tourism for all, based on the principles of the 2007 International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. From assuring building access to providing specific facilities, we will help you demonstrate that accessibility for all is our top priority.

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Your efforts to mitigate climate change play a role in attracting tourists. Our CarbonScan™ will help you reduce your carbon footprint and add value to society.

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The complexity of hotel maintenance makes it hard to keep track of all the checks and other procedures that must be performed on a regular basis. Let us help you simplify your maintenance operations by ensuring your inspections and procedures are up to date. Our scan covers all significant areas of risk, including gas boilers, electricity, elevators, pressure equipment, chemicals, pumping stations, etc.

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Over that past few years, the hospitality industry’s most well-known brands have all been victims of cybercrime and are investing in cybersecurity to prevent further incidents. With the industry seemingly under attack from all angles, hoteliers must be serious about cybersecurity. High quality WiFi means nothing if your network is insecure. Let us ensure that your connection is protected.

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Do you know what to do in case of an emergency? Are your evacuation plans understood, and do they work? SGS can help you protect your employees and guests during a flood, hurricane or other crisis by ensuring access to safe places, food supplies, drinking water and power utilities.

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Show that you are socially responsible and committed to inclusion by respecting the needs of all your employees and guests, regardless of gender, age, sexual identity, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, mental health issues or neurodiversity.

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The security of your guests and employees is essential in today’s complex world. Provide peace of mind with a robust security policy and efficient access control procedures that go beyond CCTV and security gates.

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Demonstrate your commitment to waste reduction. Waste is a major issue in our society, requiring immediate action and continuous improvement. From plastics to paper, we will help you reduce, reutilize and recycle materials to achieve a zero waste target.

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