Brand Reputation and Business Enhancement

SGS provides the world’s most comprehensive range of certification and business enhancement solutions, powered by the latest technology and digital tools. Our global network of specialists provides the knowledge and expertise to help you comply with local and international standards and ensure your people have the skills, training and professional development to help your business thrive.

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Mystery Guest Audits

Mystery Guest Audits

A mystery guest audit creates a benchmark for improving your brand’s reputation. It enables you to gain a complete understanding of the guest experience – the true measure of service and product quality.

A mystery guest will use your facilities and examine interactions between guests and staff. They will report on how successful your team has been at creating the perfect customer experience, enabling you to:

  • Improve service quality and the customer experience
  • Develop your brand identity
  • Demonstrate compliance with local guidelines

Certification Services

Certification Services

No matter which sector of the tourism and hospitality industry you operate in, recognized certification provides assurance that your services, products and processes have been scrutinized by a qualified third party to ensure they deliver optimum performance, quality and satisfaction. As the world’s leading certification company, we will be your tried and trusted certification partner, helping your business to stand out by offering certifications in these categories:

  • Travel and tourism specific (ISO 5463, ISO 21902)
  • Quality (ISO 9001)
  • Environmental (ISO 14001)
  • Health and safety (ISO 45001)
  • Energy management (ISO 50001)
  • Sustainability (ISO 14046, ISO 26000, ISO 20121, PAS 2060)

Training Solutions

Training Solutions

Invest in your people and your business with training. By ensuring that your workers have the knowledge and skills to excel at their jobs, you increase productivity, reduce labor costs, enhance organizational agility and encourage the growth and development of your organization’s culture. Training enables you not only to maximize operations, but also to differentiate your company from competitors.

At SGS, we understand the value of good training. We offer the highest possible standard in professional training, with training programs covering a wide range of topics related to areas such as quality, performance and health and safety, as well as IRCA accredited training for auditor development. Our bespoke training is delivered by industry experts, and our courses are designed for different levels of ability to address the needs of any industry.

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