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Technical imaging services from SGS – providing the data you need to help determine the authenticity and condition of artworks.


In the art world fraud is more prevalent than ever before. Collectors and experts need technical analyses and objective data for authentication purposes. We offer a range of highly specialized technical imaging services, using the very latest image analysis techniques, laboratories and equipment to help determine authenticity, assess condition and even uncover unknown masterpieces.

Why choose technical imaging services from SGS?

Our scientific examination, supported by photographic documentation, can help you to:

  • Gain high-resolution digital photographs of artworks, indispensable for documentation, insurance, sales and other purposes
  • Identify surface interventions, such as localized thinning or removal of varnish, and identify pigment characteristics with ultraviolet fluorescence imaging
  • Study canvas fabric, painting techniques, paint layers, cracks, signatures and possible fingerprints, with stereomicroscopy
  • Investigate under-drawings with infrared reflectography
  • Determine the state of conservation and use of certain pigments
  • Reveal modifications, possible corrections, or even the presence of another work underneath a painting, with x-ray radiography
  • Create digital mosaics from several x-rays, producing a complete high resolution x-radiograph of your paintings and art objects

State-of-the-art technical imaging services from a trusted provider

As a world-leading provider of inspection, verification, testing and certification for the art world, we offer you unrivaled expertise in technical imaging.  With a network of experienced professional paintings conservators and conservation scientists, and portable imaging equipment, we provide accurate data to determine the authenticity of artworks anywhere in the world.

Our technical imaging services include:

  • Technical photography
  • Ultraviolet fluorescence imaging
  • Stereomicroscopy
  • Infrared reflectography
  • X-ray radiography

Our center of excellence for art services is a fully equipped, 336 square meter laboratory based in the Geneva Freeport. It offers climate control, high security, high precision analyses and technical imaging, with works carefully stored in the very best conditions.

Our x-ray room is designed to take large formats up to three meters by three meters. The X-ray equipment also allows x-radiography of archaeological objects, ceramic sculptures, wood, plaster, ivory, marble and sheet metal.

To talk through your technical imaging requirements, contact us today.