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As part of our contribution to a safer society, since 2015, our vehicle inspection centers in Spain have organized road safety talks for young people. This project enables us to add value to society regarding an issue that is relevant to us in our role as a provider of vehicle inspection services.

At the start of the school year in September, we contact schools in Zaragoza to invite them to participate in this free initiative. Our staff members either travel to the school or host the pupils in our vehicle inspection centers. The content of the talks depends on the age of the pupils:

  • Road Safety "Because you are the drivers of tomorrow" (Basic) is an introduction to road safety, covering the basic principles of road safety, including an understanding of the street environment, traffic lights and road signs, and how to stay safe in the car and on the bus. This talk is aimed at first grade students (approximately six years old) and delivered in a fun and engaging way.
  • Road Safety "Because you are the drivers of tomorrow" (Intermediate) provides a reminder of the basic principles of road safety. This talk also covers modern concepts, such as “technological pedestrians”, also known as “smartphone zombies” or “smombies” (pedestrians looking at their smartphones rather than paying attention to their surroundings), in order to discourage such behaviors and reiterate each person’s obligation to ensure their own safety and that of others. This talk is aimed at second grade students (approximately eight years old).
  • Operating a vehicle consists of technical talks aimed at teenagers, and includes two modules:
    • Road Safety: Maintaining your vehicle – this covers the maintenance of crucial systems such as brakes, tires, lighting, etc.
    • Vehicle modifications – this talk covers common vehicle modifications that must be properly inspected and authorized under the law

The talks given to primary school pupils also include practical demonstrations of the proper use of safety equipment, such as seat belts. They are designed to accommodate the class schedule, so usually last about 45 minutes. The talk on vehicle modifications can last up to two hours, with more detailed content and active participation from the students. Over the last five years, 2,328 primary school children and 465 teenagers have participated in this program.