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Brazil Toy Certification

SGS’s accredited laboratories can help ensure that your products comply with Inmetro certification as required by the Brazilian toy certification program.

In 2009 the Brazilian government issued new requirements for compulsory Inmetro certification for toys. SGS, through tests and analisys can confirm that your products comply with the procedures of the Brazil toy certification program if you intend to market your toys there.

We can test your toys against the following Inmetro Ordinance # 321 Models:

  •  Model 4 - Certification Pattern for type and testing on samples taken in the market and at the factory or warehouse
  • Model 5 - Quality Management System Certification Pattern associated to product testing
  • Model 7 - Batch Certification Pattern

Our lab in Brazil is accredited by CGCRE (General Coordination for INMETRO Certification) to perform tests against NM 300 parts 1 to 6. Accredited laboratories conducting the testing can be either those in Brazil or those from overseas. Our labs in Hong Kong, China and Shenzhen are accredited by Inmetro (including Model 7).

For Model 5, overseas, we can audit the manufacturer, being subcontracted by any of our offices around the world.

Contact us now to find out how a toy safety certification program from SGS can help you ensure that your products comply with new Brazilian requirements.

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