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Global Toy Safety Requirements

Toy safety services from SGS ensure toys comply with requirements for sale and distribution in global markets.

As authorities around the world become more aware of the importance of toy safety, they implement new regulations and safety measures to ensure that toys do not pose a risk to children and consumers. Before manufacturers and importers can place toys on the market, they must ensure that these products comply with national safety standards.

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Legislation differs between countries and territories around the world. Each has its own set of specific requirements, which make the distribution of toys on a global level much more complex and difficult. These challenges, including technical and process requirements, require both manufacturers and importers to keep abreast with market developments and requirements, in their quest to distribute toys to multiple markets around the world; in particular to markets with very different specifications.

SGS can help you to sell and distribute your toys internationally. As a global leader in testing, inspection and certification, we have the knowledge and expertise to assess your products to ensure they meet requirements for sale and distribution in different countries around the world.

Our toy and juvenile product experts can advise and work with you to make the right decisions, from product development to the assessment stage, to access your desired markets. With a global network of state-of-the-art toy testing laboratories, we can help to ensure that your toys meet national standards and qualified to carry any required certification marks.

We test against a wide variety of standards, including:

  • Mechanical and physical properties
  • Flammability
  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Electrical properties

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