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Master Demo Webinar - Title

This is the start of the flexible block where you can start to add as many components as needed. Components can be specific to this webinar item or from the shared content folder where some already existing components are stored.

List of components that can be added to this flexible block:

  • Promo banner 50/50
  • Promo banner 1, 2, or 3 messages
  • Quote
  • Text facts
  • Rich text field
  • Text & image
  • Text list
  • Accordion
  • Image
  • Video
  • Manual teaser - blank tiles
  • Manual teaser - autofill
  • Manual teaser contact us people

Example of reusable shared content components which can be added to the flexible block:

  • Event/webinar speakers
  • Author/enquiry contact
  • Subscription promo banners
  • Social media promo banners

The Related Webinar teaser below follows a logic to display other webinars based on the present page tags. Coming soon 

The News & Insights teaser below follows a logic to display other related content including News, Webinars, Events, White Papers, Videos, based on the present page tags.

The Contact Us component will fallback to the site version main contact unless specified for the page. Specifying the contact will help with routing leads and enquiries faster.


News & Insights