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SGS Food Contact Materials Day

Regulatory requirements for food contact materials (FCMs) vary across the world. For manufacturers, distributors and retailers looking to place their products into major global markets, the array of differing regional, national and international regulations can create barriers to trade, especially when legislation is subject to revision.

In this day-long series of webinars, we will focus on the regulatory landscapes impacting FCM in multiple global markets and highlight solutions that SGS can provide to help you navigate through this increasingly complex issue.

Expert presenters will look at FCM regulations in Thailand, China, the EU and the South American MERCOSUR countries, providing updates on the latest quality and safety laws. There will also be a look at poly- and perfluorinated substances (PFAS), which a growing number of lawmakers are committed to regulating, to learn how SGS can help you maintain compliance.

SGS Food Contact Materials Day

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Thursday, July 6, 2023 - Morning session 09 AM - 12 PM (CEST) - Register here

TopicsSchedule (CEST)SpeakerAgenda
SGS introduction, FCM challenges and services9:00-9:15 AMUdo Krischke
  • Introduction of SGS and its FCM testing and certification services and introduction of the presenters and their topics.
Overview of Thai food contact regulations 9:15-10:00 AMPhichittra Rueangchanthi
  • Overview of FCM standards in Thailand
  • TIS 655 Plastic utensils for food
  • TIS2493 Plastic food containers for microwave
  • Updates on the requirements of MoPH No.435 B.E. 2565 Quality or Standard of Plastic Containers
  • Q&A
Overview of Chinese food contact regulations10:10-10:55 AMLielie Li
  • Overview of CN FCM GB 4806 General Safety Requirements for Food Contact Materials and Articles standards
  • Recent updates on requirements for paper and wood materials
  • A brief introduction of essential elements in labeling and Declaration of Compliance (DoC)
  • Q&A
Food contact materials and articles for the EU market11:05-11:50 AMHing Wo Tsang
  • Overview of EU legislation and standards
  • Updates on EU member states: Denmark, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands
  • EU food contact plastics and Germany’s intention to restrict mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOAHs)
  • Q&A

Thursday, July 6, 2023 - Afternoon Session 2 PM - 5 PM (CEST) . Register here

TopicsSchedule (CEST)SpeakerAgenda
SGS introduction, FCM challenges and services2:00-2:15 PMUdo Krischke
  • Introduction of SGS and its FCM testing and certification services and introduction of the presenters and their topics.
Overview of EU recycled plastic FCM regulation
2:15-3:00 PMPascale Lambert
  • Introduction
  • Overview of circular economy requirements for recycled plastic
  • Recycled plastic for food contact articles: requirements of Regulation (EU) 2022/1616
  • Recycled plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with foods (rules, oligations and declaration
  • SGS solutions
  • Q&A
MERCOSUR versus other South American FCM regulation
3:10-3:55 PMAlessandra Shimizu
  • Overview of Mercosur FCM standards
  • Overview of other South American national FCM standards
  • Mercosur versus other regional regulations
  • Q&A
Update on PFAS in food contact materials and SGS solutions
4:05-4:50 PMMelanie Tamayo
  • Definition
  • Characteristics & Application
  • Toxicology
  • Regulatory landscape
  • SGS Test Program
  • Performance testing for PFAS alternatives
  • Q&A

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This webinar is aimed at consumer product brands, manufacturers and retailers.


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