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Functional Safety Assessment, Audits & Certification

Demonstrate ISO 26262 functional safety compliance for your concepts, products and processes with expert assessments and audits from SGS.

We offer a full range of assessment and audit services relating to ISO 26262, globally and locally. Successful audits against the standard can lead to certification from ISO.

We facilitate your implementation of functional safety at every stage of production, from concept and development to testing and certification of the final product. When required, we can also produce concept reports and technical reports for market standout.   

Accredited for functional safety according to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17020 our global team of inspectors is familiar with all functionalities, up to autonomous driving SAE level 3 for mass-produced vehicles and fuel cell applications for e-mobility vehicles.  

We are also familiar with the application of artificial intelligence/machine learning in the automotive industry.  

SGS Evaluation and Certification Services

  • Safety assessments and audits
  • Evaluation of systems
    • Risk analyses
    • Review of specifications and requirements
    • Concept and design analyses
    • Verification and validation
  • Evaluation of software and tools
    • Testing of development tools and communication protocols
    • Architecture and design analyses
  • Evaluation of hardware
    • Probabilistic analyses
    • Failure mode and effects analyses
  • Certification
    • Certification of components and systems
    • Certification of safety processes
    • Granting of test marks for systems, automotive semiconductors, development tools and processes
    • Certification for safety and security at the same time (e.g. ISO 26262 & ISO/SAE 21434)

Added Value Automotive Safety Services from SGS

We also provide the following safety related services:  

Why choose SGS for your automotive assessments, audits and certifications?

SGS is the world leader in functional safety training, assessments, audit and certification services. With our global network of automotive industry experts, we can undertake all your assessments, audits and certifications wherever you are located in the world.

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