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Fleet Lubricant and Fluids Testing and Analysis

Fleet lubricant and fluids testing and analysis from SGS – ensure the efficient operation of your commercial fleet.

A sustained oil and fluids testing program is essential for ensuring the continued efficient operation of your valuable vehicles and equipment. Regular monitoring of lubricants and fluids acts as an early warning system for your fleet, allowing you to uncover minor mechanical problems before they become serious and expensive to fix. Our used oil and fluids analysis and condition monitoring services for fleets will help you to improve on-time delivery and service reliability rates, minimize unscheduled downtime, reduce equipment and maintenance costs, extend equipment life and enhance equipment resale value, so you can ensure efficiency while minimizing expenses.

Why choose fleet lubricant and fluids testing and analysis from SGS?

We provide ground transportation and fleet monitoring services, including analysis and reporting, for:

  • In-service lubricants and used oils
  • Coolants/glycol
  • Hydraulic fluids and transmission fluids
  • Fuels (diesel, gasoline, CNG/methane, LPG/propane/butane, etc.)

Our lubricant and fluids analysis service is a cost effective tool for monitoring oil conditions in:

  • Gasoline engines, drivetrains and other systems
  • Diesel engines, drivetrains and other systems
  • Propane and compressed natural gas fueled engines, drivetrains and other systems
  • Automotive transmissions and final drives
  • Industrial compressors and gearboxes
  • Hydraulic fluids and circulating oil systems

We will determine lubricant viscosity, acidity, water content and other important physical and chemical properties and identify ferrous engine-wear particles and ingested contaminants, including dust, dirt, water, system contaminants (fuel, glycol/coolant) and soot, which can increase wear and cause equipment failure. Screening for potential quality issues, including fuel contamination, long-term fuel storage and off-specification fuel can help to prevent filter plugging, harmful deposits, internal fuel system corrosion, contamination, emission issues, and other expensive problems.

Testing, monitoring and reporting from a world leading provider

We are a world leader in testing, monitoring, and reporting for lubricants, coolants, and fuels across a wide range of transportation segments in land, sea, and air. We offer a full range of fuel tests to ASTM, ISO, EN, and other accepted global industry standards.

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