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China Updates Footwear Product Standard for Shoe Sizing – GB/T 43293-2022

SafeGuardSSoftlinesJanuary 04, 2023

SG 01/23

GB/T 43293-2022 Shoe size was released on October 12, 2022 and officially implemented on May 1, 2023.

China Updates Footwear Product Standard – GB/T 43293-2022 Shoe Size

On October 12, 2022, the Administration of Market Supervision and Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) issued a new shoe size product standard, GB/T 43293-2022, which will become effective on May 1, 2023. GB/T 43293-2022 replaces the previous edition, GB/T 3293.1-1998.

The new standard is applicable to all types of footwear.

Main technical changes

Revisions to GB/T 43293-2022, include:

  1. Scope
  2. Terms and definitions of ‘shoe’, ‘shoe size’ and ‘foot length’
  3. Definitions and figure of ‘linear width of the foot’
  4. Fundamental characteristics of the sizing system

Additions include:

  1. Terms and definitions of ‘joint girth of the foot’, ‘mondopoint’ and ‘Chinese shoe size’
  2. ‘Format’ of footwear marking
  3. Transition from other shoe size systems

Deletions include:

  1. Terms and definitions of ‘width of the foot’ and ‘average normal foot’
  2. Method of determining shoe size
  3. ‘Identified elements‘ of footwear marking

This document is modified from ISO 9407:2019 – Footwear sizing – Mondopoint system of sizing and marking.

Main technical requirements of GB/T 43293-2022 Shoe size

1.Method of expressing shoe sizingShoe sizing shall be expressed using the measurement, in millimeters, corresponding to the length of the foot and, if required, to the linear width of the foot, without mention of the measurement units.
2.Footwear marking formatMondopoint shoe size: shall be preceded by "MP" in upper-case lettering or "Mondo" and shall include the length of the foot followed by, if required, the linear width of the foot with the numbers separated by a dash, an oblique line or brackets. The characters used shall be clearly separated from any other information.

Example: MP263, MP263/94, MP263-94, Mondo 263(94)

Chinese shoe size: shall include the length of the foot followed by, if required, to the linear width of the foot, or use of codes to express the linear width or joint girth of the foot.

Example: 260, 260/94, 260-94, 260(2.5); 237, 237/82, 237-82, 237(1.5)
3.Location of the markingOn the shoe: the size shall be marked on each shoe, on an appropriate part of the shoe where the marking is clearly visible and legible.

On the packaging: when shoes are to be contained in a box or other form of packaging, the size shall also be given on this packaging
4.Form of the markingThe form of the marking and the means by which it is to be applied (by punch, stamp, adhesive label, etc.) can be chosen by the manufacturer provided that the marking remains visible and legible on the shoe for as long as necessary.

Details of the Technical Content

For more information, please refer to the China Industry Standard FZ/T 81004-2022 Dress and Suit.  or contact SGS directly.

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