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Introducing PeRfOrmance Factory (PROF) – next generation performance testing for consumer products

Consumers are becoming more discerning. E-commerce provides greater choice, while also giving access to online reviews and better product descriptions. Competition between manufacturers and brands has therefore increased, along with the concern that dissatisfied customers will return and negatively review products that fail to performance as they expect.

Product safety cannot be ignored but, to succeed in competitive global markets, manufacturers must go beyond basic compliance and demonstrate the full functionality, performance and durability of their products. They need an advanced performance testing solution that can more accurately reflect true human characteristics and behaviors. Since every end user is different, this solution must have the adaptability to reflect every type of person, or there is a risk the consumer will be dissatisfied.

Our complimentary webinar discussion will introduce PeRfOrmance Factory (PROF), its capabilities, protocols and advantages for your business. PROF is our next generation testing solution, replacing mechanical solutions with advanced robotics that deliver real human dynamics with unmatched consistency, repeatability, and reproducibility. PROF is versatile, adaptable and offers true consumer-based performance testing to empower competitive advantage in complex global markets.

Learn how this innovative testing solution will help you to achieve success in competitive markets where consumers demand products that live up to and exceed claims on performance and durability.


  • PROF initiative
  • Introducing PROF
  • Customer case study
  • Benefits
  • Q&A

Who should attend?

This webinar is ideal for all C&P clients (retailers, manufacturer & brands).


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