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Fiber Fragmentation: Issues & Solutions

Fiber fragments released from textiles during laundering are found in the environment, causing harm to people and planet. The fashion and textiles industry is increasingly looking for evidence-based solutions to the problem, as more and more consumers make their purchase choices based on their concerns for the environment.

This one hour webinar looks at the issues surrounding microfibers, explaining the pioneering work of The Microfibre Consortium (TMC), which has partnered with SGS in the development of our testing and measurement services which help the industry to tackle the issue. Beginning with the complexities of fiber fragmentation and why it is such a problem, two expert members of TMC take attendees through the work that is being done with SGS to quantify microfiber pollution during the laundry process.

TMC is a research-led sustainable textiles non-governmental organization which brings together the global industry stakeholders. The Microfibre 2030 Commitment and Roadmap has set an agenda aiming for zero impact from fiber fragmentation to the natural environment by the year 2030. SGS has developed innovative protocols to help businesses take a proactive role in understanding the problem and managing risk.


  • Introductory overview of fiber fragmentation
  • An outline of the TMC approach
  • The importance of testing and measuring
  • Next steps to take action

Who should attend?

This webinar is aimed at the fashion and textiles industry, including homewares.


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