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Fundamentals of a Quality Management System (QMS)

In this webinar, experts Sabrina Ippolito and Cindy Haight will provide a brief overview of the fundamental requirements of a QMS, ISO 9001:2015.

The global standard for quality, ISO 9001, ensures that products and services are of consistent high quality. A successful organization acknowledges the industry they are a part of, understands their customers’ needs and expectations, and recognizes the talents and weakness of their best resources – their employees.

Successful organizations are also learning organizations, utilizing the talents of employees at varying degrees and formalizing a documented system. In addition, proactive organizations that work with their employees to identify business risks can better mitigate and plan for potential shortcomings.

The systemic approach to quality management is essential for meeting the strict regulatory requirements and the overall dynamic demands of the global marketplace. Achieving this is largely attributed to implementing a flexible QMS, where systems are fluid and can easily adapt to changes within an aggressive marketplace, still ensuring quality products and services.


This webinar is designed to provide a brief overview of the fundamental requirements of a QMS, ISO 9001:2015.


  • A brief overview of a management system
  • The evolution of ISO 9001
  • Defining a process within the context of an organization
  • The benefits of implementing a QMS
  • Q&A


  • Sabrina Ippolito – Lead Auditor
  • Cindy Haight - Certification and Training Sales Specialist, SGS Academy

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