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X-Ray Fluorescence

Get professional, accurate and precise XRF spectroscopy and fast turnaround times.

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy is a classical method for the determination of the major and minor elements as well as some trace elements. We offer you accurate, precise XRF along with the advice and support you need to determine which method is best for your samples.

Why choose XRF spectroscopy services from SGS?

We enable you to gain:

  • Accuracy and precision
  • Fast analytical times
  • The ability to present the sample as a solid and multi-element in nature

In addition to XRF, we offer field-portable x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (pXRF) in our hub laboratories. This technology offers you an analytical program that is customized to your needs, improving efficiency and flexibility, especially when combined with an on-site laboratory.

Why SGS?

We are the world's leading testing, inspection and certification company, recognized as the global benchmark for sustainability, quality and integrity.

We use the following preparation techniques for x-ray fluorescence analysis:

  • Lithium borate fusion
  • Pressed pellet
  • Loose powder

Lithium borate fusion is used for major and minor element assays, which involves melting the sample with flux before casting it into a glass disc for measurement. For samples that are not fully oxidized, such as manganese nodules, or samples containing high levels of sulfides, an oxidizing fusion is used. Further specialized fusions are available for metallurgical test work. 

Other preparation types include optimized pressed pellet for trace element determination, such as U and Th levels in tailings, and loose powder for fast screening with pXRF.

For more information on our XRF spectroscopy services, take a look at our Geochemistry Guide, or contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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