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Vehicle Registration

To comply with legislation your fleet of public service vehicles (PSVs) must be registered and licensed.

SGS can carry out the proper testing, inspection and registration of PSVs and provide you with an easily accessible database to help you monitor the status of every vehicle in your fleet.

We can carry out the registration of new vehicles as required or, should the requirement present itself, we can re-register the entire fleet of a country, region or city so you have a fresh start. The physical license plates or PSV identification marks can include security features such as holograms, barcodes or destruction upon removal to help prevent counterfeiting – we use a variety of innovative techniques for this purpose.

SGS has designed and built a vehicle licensing management platform (VIMS) which can be adapted to meet any statutory requirement. VIMS has the capability for creating a complete fleet profile for any regulatory authority from vehicle inspection through to licensing. VIMS can also manage all post licensing activities generating detailed reports to include the fleet’s age profile, first time pass rates and vehicle churn. Some of the fundamental details recorded by VIMS are:

  • Vehicle details (date of first registration, make, model etc) 
  • Registered keeper 
  • Vehicle insurance details
  • Inspection results 
  • Any vehicle modifications
  • Payment Details
  • Licence Status

Post-licensing activities:

  • Exemptions 
  • Dual licensing (If vehicle is also registered to any other local authority) 
  • Accidents
  • Complaints
  • Appeals
  • Compliance

With a fully registered fleet and a detailed management reporting suite gives the regulatory authority the ability for intelligence lead compliance and the knowledge the end user will have a safe, comfortable journey. SGS’s registration program can also be extended to include licensed PSV drivers and licensed PSV owners / operators. Driver registration checks can include criminal records bureau (CRB) and medical thus ensuring any licensed driver meets the authority’s fit and proper criteria.  

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