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Vegan and Vegetarian Certification

Grow customer confidence in your vegan and vegetarian products with V-Label certification services

Globally recognized certification to build confidence in your vegan and vegetarian products.

Vegan and vegetarian food and beverage markets are growing rapidly as consumers become ever more concerned about the environment, animal welfare and their own health. To succeed in global plant-based markets, you must assure consumers that your vegan or vegetarian products are authentic.

SGS and V-Label have joined forces to promote vegan and vegetarian authenticity in food and wine around the world by offering a simple and consistent approach to product certification.

Benefits of V-Label certification from SGS

The V-Label mark is the world’s most trusted quality mark for vegan and vegetarian food and wine products. It demonstrates compliance with V-Label scheme requirements and provides transparent assurance that your products do not contain hidden non-vegan or non-vegetarian substances.

Benefits include:

  • Greater consumer trust in your brand
  • Increased brand recognition in global vegan and vegetarian markets
  • Standing out from competitors
  • Avoiding complaints and penalties due to mislabeling

Our standard and easy to follow certification process provides all of the guidance and support you will need to meet V-Label compliance standards and achieve V-Label recognition status.

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  • Testing, based on your needs and risk assessment, using primarily DNA-based methodology. We also provide ELISA testing to detect allergenic animal products, such as dairy or egg
  • Training on the V-Label scheme’s requirements and its effective implementation
  • Gluten-free certification audits against all globally recognized schemes

Why choose vegan and vegetarian certification services from SGS?

We are recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity in global vegan and vegetarian markets. Wherever you operate in the world, our experts are ready with solutions that help you reduce risk, build market share and optimize outcomes in your value chain.

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