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Extended Quality and Sourcing Solution (EQSS)

Integrate quality assurance and product life cycle management across the supply chain and into the sourcing process with SGS.

Traditional supply chain management systems can be cumbersome, with data being inefficiently passed along the chain. They can be uneconomic, slow to adapt to changes in the market, and poor at maintaining quality along the entire chain.

Our Extended Quality and Sourcing Solution (EQSS) brings together improved data flow and quality assurance (QA) at all stages of the supply chain – from raw material to retailer. This online, cloud-based system allows retailers to overcome potential stoppages, improves quality, time to market and increases efficiency and profitability.

The Benefits of EQSS

Integrating QA from the start of the supply chain means retailers can manage the complex and numerous QA steps, as well as documentation, within a single efficient tool. Doing so safeguards that the end-product will be:

  • Safer and produced to the correct specifications
  • More likely to be compliant with regulations for product and packaging
  • Manufactured to the expected quality levels

EQSS reduces reliance on final inspections and enhances the supply chain with in-line production controls, allowing retailers to protect brands, and mitigate against supply chain delays and recalls.

Unique Information Sharing Platform

By reducing compartmentalization and replacing it with interaction between all stakeholders along the whole supply chain, EQSS, unlike other PLM systems, offers a unique platform for data sharing with all stakeholders, instantly.

As result, small problems are no longer ignored, everyone has visibility of audit, test and inspection data, delivering potential blockages and issues, allowing:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced data duplication
  • Better on-time, in full (OTIF) service levels
  • Better supplier vetting
  • Improved visibility and troubleshooting

Why choose EQSS from SGS?

EQSS is a new kind of product life cycle management (PLM) system. It gives retailers control over marketing, merchandising, product specification, technical files, production, inspection, testing, shipping, vendor management and collaboration. It facilitates a move from reactive quality control to proactive quality assurance, protecting brand profitability and reputations.

With a global network of QA assessors, we can provide independent assessments against defined compliance management programs, anywhere in the world.

To find out how EQSS can benefit your business, contact SGS today.

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