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Digital Supply Chain Management

Digitize your entire cosmetics, textiles or clothing supply chain, from source to consumers, to deliver better products for a better world.

Our supply chain management services for textiles, clothing and cosmetics allow you to digitize your entire supply chain, so you can analyze and monitor your suppliers, materials and customers. This enables you to deliver safe and responsible textile, clothing or cosmetic products, while connecting with modern shoppers to build consumer loyalty and trust.

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With our digital supply chain management services, you can:

  • Digitize your supply chain from source to store, so you can collect supplier, facility, component, and country of origin data as well as accurate Bill of Materials/Bill of Substances information
  • Capture compliance and business specific information, such as tests and certifications, custom surveys and codes of conduct
  • Run comprehensive analytics to meet demands for regulatory and compliance reporting, supply chain scorecarding and geomapping

Your steps to supply chain management:

  1. COLLECT product and supplier data from source to store
  2. VERIFY supplier and product information worldwide
  3. IMPROVE supply chain compliance, reduce risk and increase business
  4. COMMUNICATE key product and origin information via smartphone

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