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SafeGuardS – Regulatory Updates

SafeGuardS is our technical bulletin highlighting new product standards, regulations and test methods, written by SGS experts.

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Strawberries in Plastic Tray

EU Consults Over Proposal to Revise Food Contact Plastics Regulation

The EU has informed the WTO of its intention to revise its regulation on food contact plastics. The revisions are proposed to enter into force in Q2 of 2023.
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Assorted Meat Products Packages

Ukraine Regulates Vinyl Chloride Monomer in Food Contact PVC Materials and Articles

Ukraine has issued legislation to regulate vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) in food contact materials and articles containing polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The new law will become effective on November 19, 2025.
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Lunch Boxes with Separators for Take Away

New Zealand Outlines Prohibition of Certain Products Containing Plastic

New Zealand’s Ministry for the Environment has made available a website to assist stakeholders with complying with the nation’s ban on certain plastic products. The portal also indicates plans to prohibit other PVC and polystyrene food and drink packaging from mid-2025.
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Frying Pan on Gas Stove small

Italy Revises Requirements for Food Contact Stainless Steels

Italy has amended its requirements for food contact stainless steels. The amendment will become effective on February 3, 2023.
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Woman Buying Colourful Zippers

France Updates Requirements for the Textile Fashion Industry

France issues Order challenging brands to use more sustainable processes, display environmental labels and integrate recycled materials into their collections. It also gives new requirements to eco-organizations associated with the clothing, linen and footwear (TLC) sectors.
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SGS Chemical Laboratory Testing

ECHA Adds Nine SVHC to the Candidate List

The European Chemicals Agency has added nine substances to the Candidate List. There are legal obligations placed on industry once a substance has been placed on this list.
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Scientist Taking Water Sample1

Canada Proposes Amendments to Regulations Controlling Products Containing Mercury

Canada’s Department of Health and Department of Environment is proposing amendments to its regulations governing products containing mercury. If accepted, they will lower limits for certain fluorescent lamps and end exemptions for most other mercury-containing lamps and catalysts used to make polyurethane.
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Chemist Analysing Oil in Laboratory

California Proposition 65: Reformulation of Chemicals in Consumer Goods

Multiple settlements have been reached for a range of consumer products containing Prop 65 List chemicals. Many of these agreements allow a Prop 65 warning as an alternative.
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Food Delivery Concept

Brazil Consults Over Proposal to Revise Food Contact Packaging, Utensils, Lids and Metallic Equipment

Brazil has informed the WTO of its intention to revise its Resolution on food contact packaging, coatings, utensils, lids and metallic equipment. Comments are accepted until March 6, 2023.
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Little Boy Playing with his Christmas Present

Turkey Issues Communiqués for Toys and Other Consumer Goods

Turkey has published two Communiqués on import product safety and inspection requirements for toys and a variety of consumer products. These became effective on January 1, 2023.
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