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Focusing on technical barriers to trade and international Product Conformity Assessment (PCA) schemes, SGS experts provide insights into the international developments and new regulations affecting global export markets.
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PCA EAC Q32023

How SGS Helps Make Your Products EAC-Ready

Introducing SGS’s EAC-Ready product certification scheme, offering efficient and tailored services for product suppliers entering East African markets.
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PCA Egypt Q32023

SGS Helps Raise the Game for Egyptian Trade Compliance

SGS has been selected by Egypt’s GOEIC/NFSA as a comprehensive training and certification partner for export/import and food safety standards EG71 and EG72.
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PCA CAR Q3 2023

Driving Consumer Protection and Trade Facilitation in the Central African Republic

News of SGS's partnership with the CAR government, and the delivery of enhanced digital PVoC services.
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PCA Kenya Q32023

Speedy Access to Kenyan Markets With a Draft Certificate of Conformity

Detailing SGS’s eTrade draft CoCs – helping businesses meet KEBS standards quickly and easily.
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Digital Software Development Concept

Benefits for Burundi: ongoing digitalization of PVoC services

Technical innovations are speeding up and streamlining the Certification of Conformity process in Burundi.
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Ivory Coast_PCA 2023Q2

How to Access Lucrative Markets in the Ivory Coast

Details of the Ivory Coast’s VoC program, including product scope, and SGS’s process, assessment and certification of conformity services.
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Oman_PCA 2023Q2

SGS Gulf Approved as Notified Body for Low Voltage Electrical Equipment in Oman

SGS becomes the first approved Notified Body in the Gulf Cooperation Council Region for the provision of PCA services for low voltage electrical equipment.
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Beyond Zoom: SGS QiiQ® digital inspection system

SGS’s QiiQ remote inspection app enables connectivity across time zones and countries, for comprehensive, secure and transparent interactions in real-time.
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Tanzania PCA Q1

Trouble-free Tanzanian Trade: PVoC services and eTrade solutions

Our Tanzania Bureau of Standards-approved PVoC program and exporter portal can help your export business operate efficiently, compliantly and successfully.
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Arabia Saudi PCA Q1 2023

Selling to Saudi: combined conformity assessment services for textiles

Exploring SGS’s all-inclusive regulatory trade services for products sold to Saudi Arabia.
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