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Focusing on the Consumer Goods and Retail industry, our experts provide insights on international developments, new regulations, case studies and updates on SGS activities.
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CC_PFAS_Burger in Paper Box

Meeting PFAS Requirements for Consumer Goods

With PFAS now a recognized threat to human health and the environment, we look at how consumer goods manufacturers can ensure conformity with fast-changing regulations.
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CC Q2 2023 SL

How Effective Monitoring Improves Sustainability in Textile Supply Chains

The textile industry accounts for about 20% of freshwater pollution. Learn how SGSmart CARES helps manufacturers, brands and retailers monitor and improve chemical management in global textile supply chains.
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Looking at EV Charging in a New Light

We look at the challenges facing the creation of a global EV charging network and the solutions to ensure devices are robust and effective.
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Are Your Wipes Really Flushable?

Non-flushable wipes in sewerage systems are now a major problem. We look at the issue and solutions.
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SGS Lab in Pune India

SGS Opens Large State-of-the-Art Automotive and Consumer Electronic Testing Facility in Pune, India

Focusing on our new, enlarged testing and certification facility for the automotive and consumer electronic industries in Chakan, Pune, India.
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How Robotics with Real Human Behavior Are Taking Performance Testing to the Next Level

Our expert covers the advantages of enhanced robotics for performance testing during consumer product development.
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Understanding EU and UK PPE Requirements: Commonly Asked Questions

SGS experts answer commonly asked questions about PPE product conformity for EU and UK markets.
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CC SL Fabric Digitalization

Fabric Digitization Revolutionizes Garment Design

SGS expert looks at how fabric digitization is enhancing garment prototyping in the fashion industry.
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Helping Panasonic Develop the Next Generation of nanoe™ X Technology for Household Appliances

We test and certify Panasonic’s latest nanoe™ X technology enhanced air conditioning equipment for large public spaces.
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CC Lab Focus Penumbra

SGS Cryptographic Security Testing Laboratory in Clackamas, Oregon

Focusing on SGS’s accredited CSTL laboratory in Clackamas, Oregon, USA.
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