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A Cutting-Edge PROF Testing Protocol for Furniture Drawer Slides

March 27, 2023

We are pleased to announce the launch of an innovative slide test protocol that uses PROF to assess the performance and durability of furniture drawers.

The PROF furniture drawer slide test protocol accurately simulates real consumer use and misuse to measure and map the evolution of opening force, damping force and drawer face position during use. It can also compare the impact of drawer use on the right and left sides and be used to compare different brands and designs.

This system has several key advantages for consumers, manufacturers and brands. Its high-quality and impartial data supports performance and durability claims, building consumer trust and enabling better-informed purchasing decisions. It also empowers better commercial decisions concerning design improvements and product selection.

PROF is our next generation performance and durability testing solution for consumer products. Combining adaptable robotics with advanced algorithms and high-level analytics, it accurately replicates real human dynamics and can measure the impact on a product. Every PROF test protocol is built using the real use configurations drawn from the actions of a large panel of end users, ensuring accuracy and authenticity.

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"We are thrilled to bring our PROF platform to a wider audience, as it continues to expand globally," said Nicolas Bacheré, VP Global C&P Hardlines. "With its cutting-edge approach to performance testing, PROF delivers unmatched and in-depth insights, transforming the traditional methods of evaluating furniture drawer slides. Our aim is to empower our customers with the innovative tools and expertise they require to develop products that truly meet their end-users' needs and expectations, now available across three continents."

PROF offers unmatched consistency, repeatability and reproducibility and provides in-depth insights into the performance and durability of a wide variety of products.

We are committed to providing customers with the tools and expertise they need to make products that are better adapted to the needs of the final user.

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