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More than Just Flying – Supporting the Scope of the Aviation Industry

Quality InsightsJuly 23, 2022


Flying has always captivated humans. The history of aviation extends back over 2,000 years, from simple technology, such as kites, to modern supersonic and hypersonic flight by powered heavier-than-air jets.


On December 17, 1903, Orville and Wilbur Wright concluded four years of work with a 120ft, 12-second flight in North Carolina, US – the first powered flight in a heavier-than-air machine. Before this, people had only flown in balloons and gliders.


More than just flying from A to B, the aviation industry is subject to strict regulations, standards and legislation. As a result, your organization must continually meet and improve upon the highest levels of safety and reliability.

Our Aviation Compliance team believes that everyone needs to come home safely from each flight, whether they are in a helicopter, charter fixed-wing or airline service. This is the philosophy that drives our company and expert advisors.

For years, we have provided professional advice on aviation safety to organizations all over the world. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to help companies manage their aviation operations while minimizing exposure to risk.


Our services encompass:

  • A standardized global approach
  • Reviews of all areas of aviation:
  • Scheduled airlines
  • Fixed-wing charter
  • Helicopter charter
  • Airfields, helipads and helidecks
  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS)
  • Using trend analysis based on data from over 700 aviation audits, inspections and advisory projects in more than 60 countries annually


Our services can help you to:

  • Demonstrate verifiable commitment to quality and safety
  • Strengthen customer confidence in your products and services
  • Reduce costs and improve operational efficiency through effective research, development and design
  • Enhance business reputation by delivering your products and services on time and on budget
  • Access the right expertise to support your operation
  • Understand and manage the risks of complex value chains
  • Gain fast, accurate testing for the aerospace supply chain, including for components, to ensure compliance with international and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirements
  • Show your company’s compliance with national and international regulations, industry specifications and client requirements



Our Airline Risk Calculator, commonly referred to as the ARC, is an online database that has been collecting annual data since 2003. This data allows us to rank the world’s major airlines by comparative risk.

The subscription-based system enables companies to be informed when making decisions regarding their commercial airline travel. Clear evidence of a systematic approach to aviation risk assessment demonstrates corporate responsibility and care for your employees.

The ARC provides detailed information and relative risk ratings for airlines engaging in commercial air transportation from all over the globe, with alerts and expert analysis when significant industry events occur.

The tool includes approximately 600 airlines reviewed on factors, such as fleet/aircraft type and age, maintenance arrangements, incidents/accidents, alliances/affiliations, commercial/financial stability, and regional factors, including country security and regulatory oversight.


Our experienced aviation professionals are stationed across the globe, with expertise in onshore and offshore helicopter operations.

We can support your operations, wherever they may be. We work with you to ensure our inspections meet your needs, whether we are following regulatory guidelines or exceeding them with your company’s customized standards and industry best practices.

Our experts can offer you informed advice on how to improve the safety of your infrastructure and operations.

Areas include:

  • Friction testing, using CAP 437-approved equipment
  • Quality inspection reporting, including detailed recommendations and observations to help you identify areas for operational improvement
  • Post-inspection support, including follow-up, implementation advice and close out of areas identified for improvement, to ensure that your helideck or helipad is safe and compliant with current regulations and operational requirements


We identify noncompliance within your organization or vendors, classifying them to enable trend analysis. Our advisors can then ensure that areas of concern are identified and addressed.

From vendor audits and internal assessments to training and advisory services, we can offer comprehensive aviation safety consulting services to support you, wherever your operations are based.

Our safety audit process

We can conduct third-party, customized and internal audits. On-site operational safety and technical audits are conducted against relevant legislation, industry best practices and your organization’s aviation standards. We can also scale our program to your needs, as well as audit individual operations or manage an aviation audit program on your behalf.

We go further than a simple compliance audit and recommend improvements based on our industry experience. We can provide post-audit follow-ups throughout the audit approval and ensure that any recommendations made because of the audit are successfully implemented, giving you peace of mind.

Independent aviation safety audits

Auditing aviation operations and facilities is an integral part of any aviation risk management process. We can effectively reduce the risk of an accident by ensuring operators are delivering a safe, efficient and reliable service.

We have extensive experience in auditing and advising on:

  • Charter operations
  • Offshore helicopter operations, including marine pilot transfer
  • Airborne geophysical surveys
  • Helicopter external load operations
  • Aerial photography operations
  • RPAS
  • Medivac air service operations
  • Accident and incident investigation


With our global aviation advisory team located in Australia, Canada, Africa, the UK, Colombia and Peru, we can travel wherever your organization operates, whether onshore or offshore.

Our advisors have unparalleled knowledge of global aircraft operators and their capabilities. This knowledge forms the backbone of each audit and piece of advice.


SGS Aviation Compliance delivers a standardized approach to all audits and projects. We implement many measures to maintain consistency and standardization in practices and processes, including utilizing the same criteria, standard operating procedures and templates for all regions; formal training and training of all recruits; and having all deliverables (reports) undergo a quality assurance process

Aligned with ISO 9001

Our team seeks to provide the highest quality services through its commitment to ISO 9001’s Quality Management System (QMS).


We have many more services, including:

  • On-site aviation support
  • Aviation risk management
  • Aviation consultancy

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