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From maritime infrastructure to roads, bridges and tunnels, from railways and airports, to water and other utilities, we support different stakeholders throughout the infrastructure project lifecycle with world-leading testing, inspection and certification services.
Introducing infrastructure solutions
Trucks on Highway

Roads and highways

Roads and highways play a fundamental role in society, driving economic sustainability by creating essential networks for the seamless flow of goods and passengers. Well-made roads and highways connect populations, increase safety, and contribute to how we care for our environment.

Whether you are a road construction company, a materials supplier, an infrastructure maintenance operator, or a transportation authority, our comprehensive range of services covers the entire project lifecycle. We enable you to achieve construction excellence, guarantee health and safety, ensure operational performance, and reach your sustainability goals. 

Tunnels and bridges

Tunnels and bridges are intrinsically linked to transport and global mobility. Their construction makes the best use of available land, and plays a crucial role in overcoming geographical obstacles, fostering economic development and shaping future connectivity.

Our specialized solutions enable infrastructure operators and transport authorities to address structural integrity and operational efficiency throughout your project's lifecycle. We support you through world-leading inspection, safety and monitoring to ensure optimal operation of your structures.

Aerial View of a Bridge over Deep Blue Water
Train in Motion

Rail, metro and tram

The rail industry offers a vital service to society, facilitating the movement of passengers and goods, and supporting economic development and global connectivity. As projects grow more global and encompass various subsystems, the challenges become more complex.

We offer a comprehensive range of tailored solutions for manufacturers, main contractors, component suppliers, rail infrastructure operators, and rail authorities, covering the full project lifecycle. From the conception phase to maintenance and operation we enable you to ensure safety, regulatory, and operational performance.

Marine and inland ports

The vast global network of marine and inland ports is crucial for global trade, transportation, and environmental sustainability. Waterways, ports and harbors form the lifeblood of international commerce, connecting nations and fostering economic growth.

Our specialized solutions are tailored to the diverse needs of the maritime supply chain. We help port operators, shipping companies, environmental regulators and infrastructure developers to navigate the complexities of marine and inland ports projects, ensuring reliability, safety, and environmental responsibility.

Cargo Ship Entering the River of Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
Aerial View of Hong Kong International Airport NoFocalPoint


Airport infrastructure must be run with the utmost expertise, adhere to the highest levels of safety, and comply with a wide range of stringent regulations. Our comprehensive range of monitoring, inspection, and certification services support effective ground operations, while ensuring compliance with ever increasing demands for efficiency. Whether you are an airport operator, authority, or ground handling company, whatever your needs and wherever you are in the world, we are here to support you.

Water and utilities

Water and waste utilities are essential components of responsible resource management, impacting the environment and public health. We offer a range of services for water and waste management companies, regulatory bodies, and infrastructure developers that enable safety, compliance, and operational excellence.

We help you ensure that operations adhere to the highest standards, while contributing to sustainable water resource management and responsible waste handling.

Water Treatment Plant