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Technical Due Diligence

It is essential to thoroughly assess the technical aspects of a project to ensure that your financial investments are based on verified project data.

Our technical due diligence team can help you with your project risk assessment by assisting you with a detailed review of all technical aspects of your project. Our technical due diligence experts have global experience of verifying technical and physical aspects of a project and can help you safeguard your potential investment by identifying and mitigating risk.

To evaluate the technical feasibility of your project, our Technical due diligence experts will:

  • Assess physical and technical feasibility of a project
  • Review permits and licenses to optimize schedules
  • Reduce uncertainty about a project’s planned timeline
  • Review selection of suppliers, technical selection of contractors and sourcing of materials
  • Evaluate development and installation costs, operations planning and subsequent scheduling

At SGS, our global and industry expertise stretches across a huge range of areas, and we are able to draw a team of experts together who have the specific expertise for your project. Let us help you gather your technical due diligence data to enable you to focus on core activities and decision making.

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