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Ship and Barge Calibration

Accurate quantity measurement on board any vessel is crucial in the global bulk liquids and liquefied gases trade.

Ship and barge calibration services from SGS can help you avoid systematic transit losses while at the same time building and maintaining trust in trade and confidence in charterers and other stakeholders.

The importance of accurate ship and barge calibration

Calibration – the science of determining the accurate volume of a tank corresponding to a certain measurement value – is one of the key factors if accurate measurements of quantity are to be made. Without accurate calibration tables, even the best gauging systems and the most accurate measurements are of little value. With SGS as your calibration partner, you can be sure of the highest degree of measurement accuracy, helping you to build trust among your clients and prevent costly errors.

As well as using traditional methods of ship tank calibration, SGS is at the forefront of each new development in technology. Cutting-edge techniques such as laser distance technology enable the calibration of ship and barge tanks without scaffolding, keeping additional cost and disruption to a minimum. We also produce capacity tables and certificates of accuracy to ensure reliable volume determination.

Why SGS?

SGS is a world leader in the physical calibration of all types of vessels, including static storage tanks, trucks, demountable tanks and ships and specialized gas and LNG carriers. Through our worldwide network, we supply highly trained and experienced calibration engineers using state-of-the-art equipment and software.

As a dynamic industry leader, SGS maintains an active presence on many industry bodies, standards organizations and technical working groups, including those within ASTM, ISO, CEN, EI (The Energy Institute, formerly the Institute of Petroleum) and IFIA. 

The execution of any calibration job by SGS will always be based on the accepted international norms and standards such as API, ASTM, EN, ISO, CEN or those of national and regional standards-setting organizations. To enable reasonable risk management within a particular transaction or series of transactions, SGS can provide advice on choosing the most suitable standards to cite and use. Our technical support team is also available to assist with any issues that arise relating to standards, working practices or technologies.

Find out how ship and barge calibration services from SGS can help you achieve the highest level of measurement accuracy for your cargoes.

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