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Qatar – PVoC Program

Pre-Shipment Conformity Verification for Qatar from SGS – enabling organizations to export and sell goods to the Qatari market.

The Qatar Ministry of Environment’s (MOE) Qatar General Organization for Standards and Metrology (QGOSM) has implemented a pre-shipment verification of conformity scheme to protect the public against substandard products and prohibit entry to debased and fake products. The scheme requires all regulated imported products as defined by QGOSM, to be accompanied by certificate of conformity issued by an approved third party.

We are approved as a third party company to conduct an assessment against the standards and on successful completion issue a certificate of conformity (CoC) for the export of regulated products to Qatar. Application for assessment and a CoC should be made by the exporter in the country of supply. We will verify:

  • The description and specification of the goods
  • The conformity with the relevant Qatari standards and Qatari Technical Regulations or their approved Gulf or International standards

A Certificate of Conformity shall be issued once the evaluation results in a ‘SATISFACTORY’ result against the Qatari requirements.

The following products are the regulated in the Qatari conformity program:

  1. Brake Pads
  2. Safety Belts
  3. Wheel Rims
  4. Electric Irons
  5. Exhaust Fans
  6. Hair Dryers

With decades of experience managing conformity assessment programs around the world SGS offers exporters efficient and comprehensive solutions to ensure shipments conform to Qatar’s requirements.

Contact your local SGS office for more information.

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