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PPE – Protective Footwear

Protective footwear testing and certification services from SGS – demonstrate compliance to PPE footwear standards EN ISO 20345, EN ISO 20346, and EN ISO 20347.

Slips, trips, falls, crush injuries and more can all be prevented with the correct PPE footwear.

Manufacturers and retailers must ensure that footwear sold as ‘protective’ meets the relevant safety standard before sale. Our PPE solutions provide one stop testing and certification services for protective footwear.

PPE Footwear Testing Standards

There are various PPE footwear standards published, the three most common of which are EN ISO 20345, EN ISO 20346, and EN ISO 20347.

Testing StandardType of Footwear
EN ISO 20345PPE – Safety Footwear
EN ISO 20346PPE – Protective Footwear
EN ISO 20347PPE – Occupational Footwear 
EN ISO 20349PPE – Footwear protecting against thermal risks and molten metal splashes as found in foundries and welding – Requirements and test method 
EN 13634Protective footwear for motorcycle riders – Requirements and test methods
EN 13832-1Footwear protecting against chemicals – Part 1: Terminology and test methods
EN 13832-2Footwear protecting against chemicals – Part 2: Requirements for footwear resistant to chemicals under laboratory conditions
EN 13832-3Footwear protecting against chemicals – Part 3: Requirements for footwear highly resistant to chemicals under laboratory conditions
EN 15090Footwear for firefighters
EN ISO 17249Safety footwear with resistance to chainsaw cutting
EN 50321Electrically insulating footwear for working on low voltage installations

Footwear manufacturers must obtain PPE certification from a Notified Body before they can affix the CE mark on the product.

Benefits of SGS’s Protective Footwear Services

  • Network of testing laboratories for performing protective footwear testing
  • Assistance in compiling technical files
  • Coordinate with Notified Bodies for application of EC type examination

In addition, SGS has two Notified Bodies approved to provide certification for EC type examination:

  • SGS Fimko – Notified Body (0598)
  • SGS United Kingdom Limited – Notified Body (0120)

We can also provide Article 11 certification for complex footwear, using local auditors for its annual factory audit requirement.

Ensure the safety of workers – contact SGS today to ensure PPE products are safe and compliant.

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