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Oman – Product Conformity Assessment (PCA)

Meet the applicable standards for shipping low voltage electrical equipment into Oman.

Meet the applicable standards for shipping low voltage electrical equipment into Oman.

We are the first approved Notified Body in the Gulf Cooperation Council Region for the provision of product conformity assessment (PCA) services for low voltage electrical equipment.

We are approved to provide the documentary check and assessment of conformity with the requirements of the applicable technical regulations and standards, such as GSO and ISO/IEC. As a Notified Body for LVE, our PCA services cover the following Stage 1 products, which must obtain a Type Approval Certificate of Conformity (CoC):

  • Washing machines (with a capacity exceeding 10 kg and up to 25 kg)
  • Dishwashers
  • Vacuum cleaners
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Washing Machine

About the PCA program in Oman

Goods falling within specific regulated product categories must be certified for conformity to the country’s technical regulations and standards, or their approved equivalent.

A Certificate of Conformity is required for smooth customs clearance of consignments at destination ports and borders, and to ensure compliance with Omani technical regulations and regional standards.

  • We work with exporters and importers to help them demonstrate compliance and issue a Certificate of Conformity, which:
    • Gives access to Oman’s marketplace
    • Avoids delays in customs
    • Reduces potential losses from the import of non-compliant products
  • Depending on the certification route, we provide one or a combination of the following interventions:
    • Assessment of the adequacy of designs of the regulated products and their compliance with the implemented Omani regulations for LVE
    • Sampling, testing and analysis in accredited laboratories approved by the DGSM
    • Registration of products on the DGSM system
    • Issuance of the Omani Certificate of Conformity for LVE products

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