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Kingdom of Morocco – Conformity Assessment of Industrial Products Program

Import industrial products to the Kingdom of Morocco with a product conformity assessment Certificate of Conformity.

SGS is approved by the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Green and Digital Economy (MICEVN) to implement the conformity assessment program for Industrial Products in pursuance of Law 24-09 complemented by Decree no 2-212-502 and Order no 3873-12.

Industrial products imported in the Kingdom of Morocco must comply with the applicable local standards and/or technical regulations in force. Depending on the products, the verification shall take place either at the country of export, before shipment of the goods, or at destination, upon arrival of the cargo.

Control at the Country of Origin

Depending on the certification route we provide one, or a combination, of the following interventions:

  • Physical inspection prior to shipment
  • Testing in accredited laboratories
  • Audit of product manufacturing processes
  • Documentary verification and assessment of conformity to Moroccan Standards and/or Technical regulations

SGS delivers a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) as proof of satisfactory results from all the interventions, or a Non-Conformity Report if interventions results are not satisfactory. The importer, or its agent, will then upload the CoC at the Ministry site and SGS in Morocco, upon documentary review, will accept or reject it.

Control at the Destination

  • Destination intervention for goods to be inspected upon arrival at destination (no inspection at origin)

The importer, or its agent, submits all documents and information related to the cargo via the Ministry site. Depending on the Destination Intervention assigned by MICEVN, we provide one, or a combination, of the following interventions:

  • Documentary verification
  • Physical inspection
  • Sampling for testing and analysis in accredited laboratories

Reports from the verification activities are evaluated and results (accepted/rejected) are recorded on the Ministry system.

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As the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company with an unparalleled global network of expertise, we are committed to providing exporters to the Kingdom of Morocco, and importers in the Kingdom of Morocco, with efficient services.

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